Monday, 12 March 2012

Apparently, I Was On TV!

Following the exciting game of the Ottawa Senators against the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday evening, my boyfriend and I got home to some messages saying we were seen on Hockey Night in Canada!  They apparently zoomed in on us!  I was not even aware.  They had been focusing on a little guy in front of us who was dancing and waving one of those red foam hands up in the air.  Once he sat down, they zoomed in on us and we never realized it!  I wish I could have a picture of that!

This evening, I am dog sitting at my cousin's place.  Her 3 lb chihuahua and 13 yr old golden retriever are not used to being alone.  My cousin is away in Riviera Maya and I am sharing dog sitting duties with my aunt.  I'll watch The Bachelor finale on HD tv!  Woo!

Turbo Fire Update

My challenge began last Saturday with the Fire 30 and Stretch 10 classes.  Yesterday was an nice Stretch 40 class with lots of yoga.  There were some poses in there I had not tried before.  Today is a rest day but I will power walk for 30  minutes with my dog.  It's too nice of a day not to get out there and enjoy it!  It is currently 12 degrees celcius!!

Knitting Update

I'm hoping to have pictures up soon.  My owlie cardigan is completed.  It needs to be blocked to look perfect.  Photos will be coming soon!

Motivation is needed on the Aunt Claire socks... The forwarding of the clocks this past Saturday, workouts and wine have left my body a little out of sorts.  I might get ahead on this tonight while dog sitting.

The Sarcastic Klicker